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42" LG C3 2023 OLEDevo 4K UHD Gaming TV is now only $1087

The LG C3 stands as an exceptional television that delivers a mind-blowing experience with the latest high-dynamic-range (HDR) enabled games. Activating the Game Mode feature results in a slight reduction in overall HDR brightness; however, this adjustment is virtually imperceptible during actual usage and has no detrimental impact on your gaming endeavor. Notably, the TV boasts an impressively minimal input lag when Game Mode is engaged, ensuring an immensely responsive gaming encounter where your actions seamlessly translate to instantaneous on-screen reactions.

With support for a wide range of commonly utilized resolutions such as 1440p at 120Hz and 4k at 120Hz, this TV accommodates various gaming preferences. Its exceptional ability to handle reflections further enhances the gaming experience. This attribute, combined with the TV's satisfactory HDR brightness in Game Mode, facilitates enjoyable gaming sessions even in well-lit environments. However, the TV particularly excels in dimly lit settings.

The TV's response time sets a new standard for excellence, guaranteeing that rapid in-game movements are devoid of any motion blur or ghosting effects, regardless of the speed at which the action unfolds.

The LG C3 42-inch OLEDevo 4K UHD TV can also be used for small rooms, but it is a TV that it is mostly bought by those who love to game and it is an excellent product that is capable of easily competing against established gaming monitors, as it is perfectly capable of running 4K@120hz for both PCs and gaming consoles. If you need such devices then you can follow the link below and buy it for only $1087 from Amazon.

Marime Diagonala
OLED evo
Rata de Refresh Ecran
120 Hz
Timp Minim de Raspuns
0.1 ms
HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) Dolby Vision Dolby Vision IQ HDR10 Pro
Aspect Ecran
Rezolutie Ecran
3840 x 2160

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42" LG C3 2023 OLEDevo 4K UHD Gaming TV is now only $1087

The LG C3 stands as an exceptional television that delivers a mind-blowing experience with the latest ...

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